Family Therapy

Family therapy has been used successfully to treat many different types of situations.
We can help sort out what may be the cause and work with you to find solutions. Families are dynamic systems and if one member is struggling, it can impact the entire family. There may be a single event or a series of events that is causing stress in the family. Perhaps one person in the family needs support to get back on track. We are here to help. We can help Parents, children and families to diagnose and treat:

Sensory motor processing
Separation Anxiety
Postpartum Depression
Separation or Divorce

At Marin Therapy Partners it is our belief that we all have an inherent inner drive to grow, heal, and evolve wired deep within our brains. Through the therapy process, crises, difficulties and challenges become doorways to transformation as we access this powerful inner force. We now know that the brain can actually re-wire itself. We have great faith in the therapeutic process whether in individual or family therapy and know from experience that healing and change are truly possible. Some of the modalities we work with include attachment based theories, Somatic Experiencing Technique, EMDR and Mindfulness.

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