Approach and Therapeutic Process

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If a path be beautiful let us not ask where it leads

The Therapeutic Process


We all have an inherent inner drive to grow, heal, and evolve wired deep within our brains.  We now know that the brain can actually re-wire itself. I have great faith in the therapeutic process and know from experience that healing and change are truly possible. Some of the modalities I work with include attachment based theories, Somatic Experiencing Technique, EMDR and Mindfulness.

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If you overwhelmed, run down, irritable, sad or depressed, you are not alone. At times we find ourselves worn down by the weight of everything. Chronic stress can take its toll on the body and mood. Using the latest methods in psychology, somatic therapies, EMDR, nutrition, hormonal and holistic health practices, I can help you to restore your resiliency so you can feel your best self once again. Whether it is stress and anxiety, postpartum depression, or trauma, I work successfully with clients to effect change and growth. You are unique. Shouldn’t your solution be too?