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Want to Fix Your Mind? Let Your Body Talk.

New York Times Magazine | The Therapy Issue

Somatic therapy is surging, with the promise that true healing may reside in focusing on the physical rather than the mental.

May 18, 2023

After requesting my permission, Emily Price, the therapist on my laptop screen, spoke to my feet. She thanked them, saying that they probably had a lot to tell us…

How to Let Go of Anger and Get out of the War

This post comes from my friend and colleague Rick Hanson (Buddha’s Brain). As I read it I shed my own tears. Tears for the times I have gone to war with myself, with loved ones or even strangers mostly because I felt scared, or helpless or depleted. Of course there are times when it is […]

Childhood Trauma – understanding the basis of change and recovery

By Peter Levine childhood trauma – understanding the basis of change and recovery Although anyone – regardless of strength, capability, or experience – can be traumatized by a threatening event, those at greatest risk are infants and young children. Any unusual behavior that begins shortly after a severely frightening episode may indicate that your child […]

Overwhelmed parenting tips

Overwhelmed parenting tips By Dr. Kate Brennan. Being a parent is a demanding job. Parents are in a state of readied alert and service much of the time. It is a set up for feeling depleted. We have all had times where through the fog of our exhaustion, we somehow muster the energy to complete […]

Support and encourage children’s positive behavior

Support and encourage children’s positive behavior Dr. Kate Brennan Rudolf Dreikurs, a noted child specialist, once said a child needs encouragement as a plant needs water.  He believed that the lack of encouragement was considered to be the basic cause of misbehavior.  “A misbehaving child is a discouraged child” he would say. Learning to support […]

How to encourage independence in your child

How to encourage independence in your child  Dr. Kate Brennan The topic of attachment is getting a lot of interest these days. While a lot has been written about early infant and toddler attachment, the issue of attachment when raising older children or teens gets little press or at worst criticism. This article addresses how […]

Postpartum depression assessment tool

Postpartum depression assessment tool Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale This self assessment scale has been found to accurately detect postpartum depression. Please circle the answer which comes closest to how you have felt in the past seven days, not just how you feel today. IN THE PAST SEVEN DAYS, A. I have been able to laugh […]

What is Temperament?

By Dr. Kate Brennan What is temperament? We are all born with certain temperament traits. Some of us are active while others less so. Some of us are extraverts while others prefer to stay behind the scenes. This begs the question: Is it nature or nurture? Well, it turns out it is both. How does […]

How to handle tantrums

By Dr. Kate Brennan Learning how to handle tantrums by staying connected to children when they express strong emotions can be a challenge. Our very first impulse may be to get a tantrum to stop. This is a natural impulse. Tantrums are often loud, inconvenient and stressful for parents. What if we were to turn […]




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